It is a great feeling to share my heartfelt views about Education. Education is a process of life and with such team of involved people who have personal and professional commitment towards the cause of Education, it becomes all the more meaningful.School is much more than a place where one learns concepts and acquires facts. It is a citadel of learning of holistic education that is achieved by experiential classroom learning, harnessing games and sports, culture, craft, rhetoric and of course events. Placing the progress of our students at the centre of everything, we aim to provide them with all the necessary support to help them actualise their innate potential. Our goal is to build the personality of the students holistically where foundation is built for an upstanding adult. I am confident that DWPS will rise to glory and nurture students for the globalised challenges by providing 21st century skills to its students.

I once again extend a hearty note of congratulations to the people of Mathura where they now have a school striving to reach the zenith in pursuit of excellence in knowledge and morality.

With this spirit we enter the new Academic Session , full of expectations and opportunities with the resolution to achieve perfection